A story of continuous success: a model in the form of a bus tells the story of the Afifi Group


How can we summarize nearly a century of work, since the establishment of the first companies of the Afifi Group until today? We designed an innovative model in the form of a bus to tell our story in a new way, and to provide a unique experience to get to know closely the Afifi Group with its various companies, units and branches.

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Career Guidance for Event Youth for the Professions of the Future Sponsored by the Afifi Group


A unique employment event was coordinated in Nazareth on Thursday, November 17, aimed at introducing youth to the professions of the future titled, "What is Needed." Dozens of big corporations and leading employment institutions participated in this event.

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The Afifi Group: We Continue to Make History!


The Afifi Group celebrated yesterday at the Legacy Hotel in Nazareth, joining the global and exclusive partner team of DRIVE TLV- Israel's leading innovation center and the the smart mobility eco-system accelerator.

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Innovation Day, the future is here!


We at Afifi Group always make sure to keep up with recent innovation trends. Last Thursday, September 29th, more than seventy Afifi Group employees attended the “Innovation Day” event at Legacy Nazareth Hotel in collaboration with DRIVE TLV.

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New partnership with DRIVE TLV !


We are proud to announce our partnership with DRIVE TLV ! DRIVE TLV, partnership will bolster Afifi Group’s adoption of leading global technological developments by presenting opportunities for collaboration with startups across a range of domains, including mobility, autonomous and sensor technologies, renewable energy, logistics, and more. Read more about this partnership here:

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A remarkable presence of Afifi Group at The Marker Conference: The Economic Conference of the Arab Society


“We at Afifi Group attach great importance to the issue of developing the Arab community, to support initiatives, to transform all available opportunities into achievable opportunities, and to allocate the necessary budgets for the development of our society.” Saying so, Mr. Alaa Afifi

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Afifi Group Divisions

Transportation & Logistics

A Promise of Quality and Safety

 For many decades, the Afifi Group has been uncompromising in providing the highest standards in products and services, from our modern buses to customer service, from strict safety procedures to resourceful solutions. Our companies go out of their way to bring each and every passenger to his or her destination – swiftly, comfortably, politely and safely.

Tourism & Hospitality

Think global act local

 This division focuses on tourists, travelling, attractions and customer service, making sure those on vacation have every opportunity to enjoy themselves and explore the sights. In line with our Group philosophy, we provide friendly, efficient and attentive service, whether our customers are traveling to an exciting destination, enjoying a guided tour, embarking on a pilgrimage to a holy site, or just relaxing at a hotel. In the dynamic tourism industry, products and services must meet the highest expectations of customers. We have developed cutting-edge new technology and joined with select global partners to expand our business.

Trade & Services

Engine of Success

 Our early start in transportation means we have decades of experience in vehicles of all types, helping the commercial division of the Afifi Group to establish itself as a dominant player in Israel. We offer our customers breakthrough products and services to create better solutions for today's smart world. With our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of transportation and a familiarity with the specific needs of our target customers, the Afifi Group provides a valuable and attentive service to hundreds of thousands of residents, across a wide geographic area.

Real Estate & Investments

Building on Distinction

 Real estate plays a special role in every aspect of life and business – whether as an investment, as loan collateral, for personal or business use, or as public space. Planning, building, managing and marketing real estate is a complicated task that takes special expertise. The Afifi Group's real-estate division draws on our experience in finance and hospitality. We have expanded our professional team, which has vast experience in real-estate companies and real-estate investments. This enables us to help clients from the real-estate industry, investors, and providers of financing in every phase of the real-estate value chain.

Afifi Arabians

Afifi Arabians is owned by the Afifi family, a rejuvenation of the love for the Arabian horse that runs through the family for generations. Afifi Arabians depends on successful and beautiful mares for breeding and showing.

Recently, Afifi Arabians have imported horses from Europe, aiming high to win in competitions and show their beautiful horses all over the globe. After an extensive study of bloodlines and conformation we have decided to finally launch our own breeding program.

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