Our Goals and Values

Our Goals

The Afifi Group strives to be a leader in various fields. It sets great store by professionalism, quality and innovation, and places an emphasis on customer service and a commitment to its business partners, locally and internationally. The values of integrity, reliability and fairness have been the Group's watchwords since its first years of operation.

  • The Group plans to expand its range of public transport services and lines.
  • In the field of tourism, the Group intends to increase the products and services it offers, meeting – and exceeding– the evolving needs of customers. Intelligent and comprehensive planning will make sure the Group is ready to successfully deal with future challenges and a changing business environment.
  • In international commerce, the Group is expanding into advanced technologies and products for the automotive industry.
  • The Group is committed to providing products and services at uncompromisingly high standards, while creating new solutions and tailoring them to the requirements of individual customers.
  • The Group is committed to maintaining and expanding its robust and long-term ties with customers, strategic partners, suppliers and employees.
  • The Group will continue to nurture and train staff by creating a workplace that encourages creativity and efficiency, and equips employees to deal with the challenges ahead, ensuring their personal advancement and job security.
  • The Group will continue its involvement and activities within the community it serves and in which it operates, and will continue to contribute to its cultural, economic and commercial growth and improvement.

Our Values


We are committed to the Group’s success and its good name, both in the eyes of our customers and suppliers, and out of respect for the generations that preceded us and our responsibility to future generations.


Our name is the most valuable asset we have. We strive to ensure that our activities are fair and transparent to all those who deal with us, either in a professional or personal capacity.


Whether in terms of products or services, we always operate according to the highest standards in our field, creating exceptional added value for our partners and ensuring that our customers get full value for their money.