Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
The "Afifi Group" or "the Company" is a group of companies that includes Nazarene Tours Ltd, Nateev Express Ltd, United Nazareth Bus Service Ltd, Nazareth Tourism and Transport Ltd, Epsilon Delta Hotels Ltd, and other companies within the group, both present and future.
The Afifi Group operates an informative website that provides details about the diverse activities of the group (hereinafter referred to as the "Website").
The Afifi Group makes significant efforts to protect your information and operates in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741 – 1981, and its regulations.

Privacy Policy and Data Protection
1. This Privacy Policy document aims to clarify the terms governing the collection and utilization of personal information for users through our Website. It delineates the foundation for processing any personal data obtained during your website visit, specifies the intended purposes for utilizing this information, outlines how information shared by you is disclosed to third parties, and details the use of "cookies" or files or tags on the site, as elaborated in the following terms:
2. By registering, browsing, or entering the site, you confirm that you have read the Privacy Policy and agree that the Company may use your information. This includes processing such information (including collection, usage, disclosure, retention, or transfer) based on the terms outlined in this policy.
3. The information that the Company holds about you may be stored and processed by computer files and/or written documents.
4. For your information, you are not required by law to provide personal information. However, some of the services offered on the Website require such information.
5. This Privacy Policy does not require the Company to collect and retain information. The Company may, at its discretion, choose to delete or refrain from collecting and retaining any information.
6. During your use of the Website, various types of information may be collected:
6.1. Information proactively provided – information provided to the Company on your initiative during your use of the Website and/or as part of otherwise contacting the Company (including the Call Center) and also provided to the Company by third parties to whom you provided the information on your initiative. We may collect the following types of information:
a. Contact information, including details such as name, email address, postal address, telephone number, and fax number.
b. Demographic data, including information such as age, gender, home address, etc.
c. Information based on geographic or other location;
6.2. Information collected while browsing the Website by technical/computerized means – including:
Cookies are information stored on your computer and associated with information about you. Some cookies are deleted when you finish browsing. In contrast, others are stored on your computer's or mobile device's hard drive, enabling the Website to identify your device on future visits. As a result, the Website contains cookies and other local files. The Company may use cookies or a configuration file stored in the browser or on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device to gather general information about your internet usage. Cookies and other files contain information transferred to your computer and/or the hard drive of your mobile device. They assist the Company in improving the Website and providing enhanced, personalized services while also helping prevent fraud and abuse.
The legal basis for processing the information stored in cookies and other files relies on your consent to the terms of use of the Website, including the privacy policy outlined in this document, and/or the Company's legitimate interests in facilitating efficient, convenient, and secure use of its Website.
You can fully or partially block the automatic creation of cookies by activating specific settings in your browser. However, if you choose overly strict settings, you may not have access to certain parts of the Website.
Log files include information such as referring/exit pages, IP addresses, details about browsers, cookies, Internet service providers (ISPs), types of platforms, and date/time stamps. This information is not linked to other reasonably personally identifiable information. The Company utilizes this data to manage the Website, identify server issues, analyze trends, and monitor user traffic in an aggregated manner, primarily for statistical purposes.
7. The Company will use your personal information solely for the purpose you voluntarily provided, as outlined in this Privacy Policy.
8. Additionally, the Company may use the information for data analysis and statistical purposes, as well as to comply with the law and investigate complaints, suspected fraud, or misconduct.
9. You are aware that, according to the law, the Company may be obligated to disclose information you provided while using the Website.
10. Additionally, the Company may disclose your personal information if, in good faith, it deems it necessary to protect the Company's or a third party's interests, such as national security, law enforcement, legal proceedings, criminal investigations, ensuring the safety of individuals, or preventing imminent harm or bodily injury. This is contingent upon the Company's belief that such interests do not override your fundamental rights and freedoms.
11. Moreover, the Company may disclose information about individuals who pose threats or have the potential to harm the Company and its services, including instances of user fraud, sending threats, and distributing spam, among other activities.
12. The Company may share your information with service providers and subcontractors working with us in Israel and abroad. This is done to fulfill the purposes outlined in this policy and to ensure the Website's proper operation, maintenance, and improvement. Additionally, the Company may store information in cloud services outside Israel, subject to varying levels of privacy protection in different countries, all per the law. It's important to note that any party receiving such information is strictly prohibited from sharing or using personally identifiable information for purposes other than those directly related to the Company or the Website's operation.
13. If the Company is sold, transferred, or merges its activities with another corporation, the Company reserves the right to transmit personal information and other details about you to third parties. This transfer is contingent upon the condition that the recipient of the new information fully accepts the provisions outlined in these Terms of Use.
14. Additionally, the Company may enlist trusted third-party entities to help distribute surveys, advertising, and/or content (including ActiveTrail).
15. In addition, as part of the services offered on the Website, you can register to receive updates about the Companies' services and products by affiliated companies, including promotional information and marketing content, in a manner approved by you. When registering for updates, you will be asked for your consent to retain information about the contact details you provided and your preferences regarding updates. You will also receive updates as described above, directly from the Company or by direct mailing service providers, including Activetrail.
Sending these updates will be subject to the provisions of Section B of Chapter 2 of the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981. In general, you can request to cease sending you such updates at any time, and we will remove you from the direct mailing list.
16. The Company sometimes shares aggregated information with its service providers. This information does not contain personally identifiable information by reasonable means. It is used to develop programs and content that may interest the Website visitors.
17. The Company restricts access to your personal information to persons who need such access to process it or to perform specific work. These individuals will be subject to non-disclosure agreements. However, it should be considered that no means and/or services are entirely safe, especially when the activity is online.
18. The Company reviews its procedures for collecting, storing, and processing information to ensure that only the personal information necessary to operate or improve the Website is collected, stored, and processed. Reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the personal information processed is accurate, complete, and up to date. However, the Company depends on Website users to update or correct their personal information anytime.
19. The Website includes links that lead to other Websites. These Websites may collect personally identifiable information from you. This Privacy Policy does not relate to third parties' information collection or privacy practices. Any use of such links and/or services is at your own risk and/or the responsibility of such third parties.
20. The Company regularly audits its compliance with the provisions of this policy.
21. The Company's services are not directed to minors, and the Company does not knowingly collect personal information about them. Users under 18 are required to obtain parental or guardian consent to provide their information. If the Company becomes aware, by contacting the Company or otherwise, that a minor has provided personally identifiable information on the Website, the Company will make a reasonable effort to delete such information.
22. By providing personal information to the Company in accordance with this Privacy Policy, users of the Website, including, but not limited to, users from Israel and abroad, understand and express their explicit consent to this Privacy Policy and the collection and processing of such personal information abroad. The server on which the information is located may be outside the country from which you accessed the Website, the country of residence, or Israel in which the Company is incorporated.
23. By providing your personal information through the Website, you agree and acknowledge that the Company may collect, use, process, transfer, and disclose your personal information, as described in the Privacy Policy. You acknowledge that your consent is given freely and not due to a legal obligation.
24. The Company may change the Privacy Policy at any time. In the event of a change in privacy practices, the Company will revise this document to reflect the nature of the change. The Company will notify you of any significant change to this Privacy Policy by posting a prominent notice on its Website.
25. If you have any questions and/or requests, please get in touch with us at the following address: Paul VI (Paulus HaShishi) St., PO Box 86. zip 1610002, or at 04-8870100.
26. The Privacy Policy detailed above may include certain sections written in masculine language. It is for convenience purposes only. However, the content is intended for both women and men.