Epsilon Delta

Established in 1992 as an investment and holding company within the Afifi Group, Epsilon Delta services the Group’s other companies in terms of fuel, professional manpower and IT solutions. Over the years the company has been an anchor for various investments related to transportation, tourism, hospitality and real estate, with a particular emphasis on IT development.

The IT department is responsible for keeping the Group at the forefront of technology and innovation. It provides services to the group on several levels:

  • A software house is responsible for developing applications using modern languages and technologies for use by the Group and other customers.
  • A systems department provides installation and support services to servers, end stations and group users in all areas of hardware support, operating systems, software and end applications.
  • A vehicle fleet department is responsible for installing, maintaining and providing technological services to the Group's vehicles, such as smart ticketing, public address, signage, location, passenger counting, cameras, and more.


The IT department provides support services through a number of channels:

  • A dedicated telephone support center to provide initial support services and route calls.
  • Remote support by an expert.
  • Support in the field through a technician.


The company also manages the Group's hotels in Jerusalem and Nazareth, and has real-estate investments that include housing and commercial centers.