A story of continuous success: a model in the form of a bus tells the story of the Afifi Group

How can we summarize nearly a century of work, since the establishment of the first companies of the Afifi Group until today? We designed an innovative model in the form of a bus to tell our story in a new way, and to provide a unique experience to get to know closely the Afifi Group with its various companies, units and branches.

On the right side of the model, there is a timeline consisting of points similar to the points that appear on the map of public transport routes, starting in 1927, and extending into 2022. One may look in some of the points on the axis to see small and interesting models and exhibits that depict the different stages of the development of transportation during the last century.

On the left side of the model, one may see squares representing the four units in which the Afifi Group companies are classified: transportation and logistics, tourism and hospitality, trade and services, real estate and investments. Alongside the units and companies are images of sunrise from the Galilee Mountains, underscoring hope and inspiration that the group radiates with its success and development.

We continue to make transportation history!

The model is designed by the designer Bassam Lulu - Leadnet Company and was built by Meirav Agin – Igloo exhibition systems