The Afifi Group: We Continue to Make History!

 The Afifi Group celebrated yesterday at the Legacy Hotel in Nazareth, joining the global and exclusive partner team of DRIVE TLV- Israel's leading innovation center and the the smart mobility eco-system accelerator. Dozens of representatives of leading companies in the field of vehicles and transportation took part in the celebration. They had an exceptional opportunity to closely examine Afifi Group's history and extensive work in a creative and innovative manner. During the event, we presented for the first time a unique and experiential pavilion shaped like a bus, in which the story of the Afifi Group is presented on a timeline extending from 1927 to the present!
The CEO of Afifi Group, Mr. Afif Afifi, welcomed the guests and wished DRIVE TLV the best of luck, "I am sure that we have a lot to learn, and I hope we will be able to contribute to you from our own experience. We have learned a lot during our journey, and some of the stations are presented to you in the unique pavilion."
Omer Shachar, the Co-CEO of DRIVE TLV, added, "This is an amazing event. We worked extensively to reach this point. I wish the Afifi Groups and all partners great success."
Eran Ofir, the CEO of Imagry, also gave a speech at the event presenting the collaboration between the two companies under the framework of the National Initiative for Autonomous Public Transportation and the experimental program for the operation of autonomous buses.
The Afifi Group connects to the forefront of transportation to provide to you with the most advanced transportation!