New partnership with DRIVE TLV !

Leading Israeli Transport Company, Afifi Group, Announces Partnership with Drive TLV

● Afifi Group will offer advisory and collaborative opportunities for Israeli startups, based on broad experience in transportation and logistics in Israel.

● Drive TLV partnership will bolster Afifi Group’s adoption of leading global technological developments by presenting opportunities for collaboration with startups across a range of domains, including mobility, autonomous and sensor technologies, renewable energy, logistics, and more.

Drive TLV, Israel’s leading innovation hub catalyzing the smart mobility ecosystem, announced today that Afifi Group has joined their exclusive forum of partners. Afifi Group, a leader in public transportation and logistics in Israel since 1927, currently operates more than 1300 buses and encompasses over 20 companies across the transport, tourism, and trade industries, among others. The partnership will facilitate formal and informal collaborations between Afifi Group and Israeli multi-domain startups and entrepreneurs focused on transportation, alternative energy sources, logistics, and more. Afifi Group joins Drive TLV’s elite roster of partners, which includes: Novelis, ALD Automotive, Cox Automotive, DENSO, Hertz, Ituran, Honda, Goodyear, Mayer Cars and Trucks Group, Volvo Group and Volvo Cars.

Within Israel’s vast technology ecosystem, Drive TLV is focused on serving mobility startups and entrepreneurs of all stages, by offering holistic support to innovators in the industry through a commercialization program, a prototyping and testing lab, and a shared workspace that facilitates networking and collaboration. Six hundred of Israel’s 8000 startups are offering solutions within the mobility space that overlap with logistics, renewable energy tech, industry 4.0 solutions and more.

Soon to celebrate 100 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry, Afifi Group has a long history of recognizing and acting on major market opportunities, with outstanding customer service as their guiding principle. As a Drive TLV Partner, Afifi Group will support relevant startups by sharing their expertise in mass transportation, travel, and logistics and create connections that will have the potential to evolve into deeper collaborations. Interested in startups tackling public and mass transportation innovation, autonomous and sensor technologies, alternative fuels, logistics management, operational efficiency and more, Afifi Group’s activities will provide startups with accelerated feedback and validation of their technology and business model and, in turn, allow Afifi Group to gain cutting edge competitive advantage.

“It is more important than ever to focus on long-haul goals,” says Afif Afifi, CEO of Afifi Group. “We are excited to partner with Drive TLV, to share our expertise, and to get to know the entrepreneurs, startups, and technologies that will impact our lives and our business in incredible ways.”

Itay Erel, CEO of Drive TLV: “With activities spanning across transportation, logistics, travel, tourism, trade, services and more, we are confident that the addition of Afifi Group to our community of partners will bring tremendous value to collaborations with fellow corporate partners and Drive TLV's startups. Afifi’s emphasis on unmatched customer service, quality, and safety, and their long record of investing for the long-haul in transformative technologies supports our belief that this new partnership will help produce outstanding results – and transform the future of transportation.”

About Afifi
Based in Israel, the Afifi Group is a privately held conglomerate of over than 20 companies spanning transportation, logistics, information technology, tourism, hospitality and real estate. Founded in 1927 with a single commercial transport truck, today the Afifi Group has one of the largest public transport and logistics operations in the region with a fleet of over 1300 buses. For more information, please visit

About Drive TLV
Drive TLV is a leading innovation center for smart mobility technology. At DRIVE, partners are provided with early insight into the breakthrough technology created by local startups, while startups gain meaningful market opportunities by developing a direct relationship with global mobility companies. Through our unique approach, we dramatically improve the successes of the integration process and provide both partners and startups a substantial competitive advantage in the market. For more information, please visit .