A remarkable presence of Afifi Group at The Marker Conference: The Economic Conference of the Arab Society

 “We at Afifi Group attach great importance to the issue of developing the Arab community, to support initiatives, to transform all available opportunities into achievable opportunities, and to allocate the necessary budgets for the development of our society.” Saying so, Mr. Alaa Afifi, Deputy General Manager of Business Development at Afifi Group and one of the official sponsors of this conference, summed up the essence of his group participation. Thus, he highlighted his actual participation in the Arab Society Economic Conference, which is being held at the initiative of The Marker newspaper.
In this year’s session of the conference, which was held on 19.7.22 at the Golden Crown Hotel in Nazareth, with the participation of influential figures from the fields of politics, business and initiatives, Afifi Group was present through a private suite attended by four delegates from the commercial divisions of the group. Mr. Alaa Afifi also participated in one of the conference sessions, where he delivered a long interview with the journalist Nadine Abu Laban from "Haaretz" and The Marker.
In conclusion, Afifi Group congratulates The Marker on the success of the conference and announces that it will continue to support every initiative aimed at developing the lives of citizens and Arab society.