Beit Shemesh Express

 Beit Shemesh Express is a subsidiary of Nateev Express, serving the cities of Beit Shemesh, Bnei Brak, Petah Tikva, Tel Aviv and Kiryat Gat with 26 public transportation lines and 241 buses, operated by approximately 346 dedicated employees and 266 of the best drivers in the country!
The Noy Fund, Israel’s leading infrastructure foundation, joined forces with Nateev Express in 2021 as a partner and shareholder.

Beit Shemesh Express – like its parent company – brings to the world of public transportation a message of technological advancement, the purpose of which is to provide reliable and professional service to all passengers. Its array of advanced systems includes the latest version of the Mobileye system (Mobileye 8), a 38" passenger screen on city buses showing the itinerary with the next 4 stations, a second, 18.5" passenger screen on intercity buses displaying the itinerary and the next 4 stations, and Rav-Kav validation devices inside the buses. The company also provides wireless internet access that allows passengers to surf the web free of charge inside the buses.

We at Beit Shemesh Express feel a commitment to the special needs public, thus, as part of the improvements we are constantly making on our buses, we have installed a speech communications system between the wheelchair position and the driver's station, and we consistently provide large and accessible digital signage.
As a company, we are proud to bear the flag of environmental protection, and thus our buses meet the Euro 6 standard that reduces air pollution, alongside 58 electric buses – the next generation of public transport.