Terms of Use

The Afifi Group established this Website to provide you with information about the companies within the Afifi Group and the diverse range of services offered to users by these companies.
Before browsing the group's websites, please carefully read and understand this policy and its terms of use. Your continued browsing, usage, and viewing of the site's Information and content indicate your complete agreement with the website policy (hereinafter referred to as 'Terms of Use').
Each site user (hereinafter referred to as 'The User') is permitted to use the site to access information, initiate contact, apply for positions within group companies, or avail of any other services provided. It is explicitly stated that the site is not to be used for purposes other than those mentioned.
Certain website sections are written in masculine language for convenience purposes only. However, the content is intended for both women and men.
The headings of the terms are provided for convenience and shall not be used for interpretation purposes.

Data ownership and copyright protection:
1. The User declares, affirms, and consents that the Information displayed on the Website or any part thereof (hereinafter referred to as 'the Information') is the sole property of the Company. The Company retains all copyrights in the Information and/or any part thereof, whether the Company or any third party owns it. The Company is committed to safeguarding it by maintaining it as confidential and protected Information.
2. The User commits to utilizing the Information solely for personal use. The User pledges not to copy, photograph, print, duplicate, distribute, sell, transmit, or publish the Information found on the Website—whether owned by the Company or third parties—nor any part thereof to any individual or entity without the Company's prior written consent, except for personal, non-commercial purposes.
3. The User commits not to distort or make any other alterations to the Information and not to take any actions that could compromise the Information's accuracy, reliability, or the dignity and reputation of the Company as the copyright owner or any other party.

Risks and responsibilities:

4. The User hereby declares that he is aware that using the Website involves numerous risks due to its associated technology and human factors operating through the Internet.
5. The Company and/or any party acting on its behalf are not liable for ensuring that the server facilitating the Website's operation remains free from malware, including viruses and/or spyware, which could potentially harm the User's computer.
6. The User is solely and entirely responsible for any current or future utilization of the Information. The Information is for the User's personal use only, and its use, including any reliance on it, is the User's sole responsibility. Among other things, the User declares that he is aware that the images presented on the Website are purely illustrative, and variations may exist between their depiction on the computer screen and their real-life appearance.
7. The Information is provided on the Website "as is." The Company is not accountable for adapting the Information to the User's requirements. It is not liable to the User for inability to utilize the Information for any reason. The User will assume sole responsibility for the manner in which he employs the Information.
8. The Company shall not be liable for any damage, inconvenience, loss, expense, or distress incurred by the User or his property (including, but not limited to, the User's hardware equipment and/or software) or any third party, whether directly or indirectly, due to entering the Website and utilizing its content and/or in connection with the Information. This includes, without limit, as a result of the following events and/or factors:
a) Delay and/or tardiness in receiving Information due to congestion in communication lines.
b) Disruption, including omission, error, inaccuracy, or lack of timeliness in the Information due to disruption and/or malfunction of communication means, hardware, or software in the User's computer systems, the Company, or any other reason.
c) Blocking access and/or inability to use the services, including due to malfunctions and/or events within or beyond the Company's control and/or incompatibility with specific operating system versions or unsupported browsers, and the like.
d) Disclosure and revelation of Information about the User to any third party as a result of the User's use of the Company's Website and/or his entry into it and/or through the User's information security measures.
9. The Company shall not be liable for any illegal activity by any website user or any other party beyond its control.
10. The Company shall not be liable for changes made to the Information by the User or by any other third party.
11. The Company may provide additional or complementary services through various providers, subject to the customer's consent and approval.
12. It is clarified that the Company might share Information and/or engage in partnerships with selected service providers. These providers offer services and solutions that complement and enhance the Company's Website and services (hereinafter referred to as "Third-Party Services"). Subject to user consent, these Third-Party Services may receive or have access to user information through their specific roles and are authorized to use it exclusively for those purposes. The Company will retain responsibility for any processing of personal Information conducted by Third-Party Services on its behalf unless it is reasonably beyond its control.

Changes and general provisions:

13. The Company may terminate the User's website access if they do not comply with the terms of this agreement and/or any part thereof, as well as in any of the following cases.
a) If, to the Company's knowledge, the User had intentionally provided incorrect and/or false Information upon registering on the Website.
b) If, to the Company's knowledge, the User has committed an act and/or oversight that harms and/or may harm the Company and/or third parties, including other Website users.
c) If, to the Company's knowledge, the User has made illegal use of the Website and/or the Website's services and/or has acted to assist and/or encourage and/or enable such use.
14. It is hereby clarified that the Website is for private use only, and the use of the Website other than for this purpose will entitle the Company to take all available legal measures.
15. The Company reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use for the Website occasionally without prior notice to the User. The updated terms and conditions will be published on the Website, and their effectiveness will commence upon publication.
16. The Company reserves the right to close the Website and modify its structure, content, appearance, the services and content provided, and any other aspect related to the Website's operation occasionally. This may be done without prior notification to the User. The User acknowledges that they will not make any claims, demands, or requests against the Company concerning these changes.
17. It is hereby clarified that the Website and/or linked websites may feature various contents, either from the Company or third parties, as applicable. While the Company strives for accuracy and reliability in the Information and content provided, occasional inaccuracies or discrepancies may occur despite these efforts. The Company holds no responsibility, and the User explicitly absolves it from any liability concerning the precision and dependability of the content, as well as any direct or indirect consequences, including damage, inconvenience, loss, or distress resulting from them.
18. This agreement shall be governed solely by the laws of the State of Israel. The sole place of jurisdiction for any matter relating to this agreement and the use of the Website is in the competent courts in the region.