Social Involvement

Better Work for
a Better Life

Our strong social commitment is the foundation of our successful operations.

A family business like the Afifi Group would be failing in its most important duty if it did not take into account the potential impact of each of its activities on the human and natural environment.

The Group’s commitment to the community includes employment diversity and compliance with labor and social laws, as well as advancing equality in employment, empowering women, and providing employment opportunities for the disabled, wherever possible.
Customer service is at the core of our activities, and the Afifi Group believes that a commitment by staff to compassionate and ethical conduct is essential for its success.

Our social commitment strategy focuses on supporting projects that are in harmony with our philosophy and strategy. Thanks to our activities, we make a difference locally, where our employees live and work. The projects take local needs into account as well as the goals of our regional organizations.
We also encourage our employees to get involved in their local areas, and we support them in making a difference on behalf of society and the environment.