Transtek Turkey Otomotiv

Transtek, based in Istanbul Turkey, specialises in integrating specialist knowledge and technology in the transportation field and for the automotive industry.
The company offers full service solutions, as well as a complete transport business consultancy, drawing on its many years of experience and familiarity with the challenges facing the local and global industry.

TRANSTEK carefully chooses its business partners for their strengths in global training and knowledge and then adds its own expertise in state-of-the-art information technology. Working together, TRANSTEK and its partners are able to provide ideal solutions for automating business processes.
Our commitment to excellence and innovation means the company can meet even the biggest challenges posed by a rapidly changing market. TRANSTEK seeks to enhance the quality of its customers’ services by improving their operational, managerial and administrative performance.
Knowledge of local markets, combined with technological excellence, specialist skills and outstanding personal service, ensure a rapid response and tailor-made solutions to any challenge in the field of ITS systems, multiplex technology, fire extinguish systems, mirrorless systems and induction brakes.
We understand that collaborating together and maintaining strong local relationships are essential to the provision of high quality services. Therefore TRANSTEK maintains a commercial focus that delivers long-term value for all its stakeholders, customers, employees and business partners.

TRANSTEK is the exclusive agent for these partners in Turkey and the MENA region.