Nateev Express

Nateev Express was established in 2001 in response to the Israeli government's decision to privatize public transport bus services. Nateev won two of the first competitive tenders, becoming the first company to operate public transportation under the government program, in the Hadera-Netanya area.

Since 2014, Nateev Express has been operating 233 public transportation lines in the Galilee region. In addition, it operates lines connecting the city of Safed and the Meron area to the center of the country and to the south. Today the company has over 900 employees, of whom more than 700 are bus drivers, and operates 530 modern buses.

Satellite positioning data notify passengers of arrival times at stations along each line via a public address system and electronic signs. Wireless services on the company’s buses allow passengers to freely surf the internet.

The operation of Nateev’s buses is closely monitored around the clock at a control center, allowing each bus to be tracked according to its location, speed and direction of travel. In addition, the company operates a service and information center for the general public.
The Noy Fund, Israel’s leading infrastructure foundation, joined forces with Nateev Express in 2021 as a partner and shareholder.