United Nazareth Bus Services

United Nazareth Bus Services, established in 1935 and partly owned by Nazareth Transport and Tourism from 1956, came under the Afifi Group’s full ownership in 1992. The company has significantly expanded its activities in recent years in Nazareth, Nof Hagalil and the surrounding area, serving 250,000 residents and transporting 9 million passengers a year. It operates a fleet of more than 190 modern buses and has 320 employees, of whom 260 are professional bus drivers.

The company currently operates 50 regular public transport routes, in addition to several school routes. Its buses are highly maintained, adhere to the Ministry of Transport’s strictest standards, offer e-ticketing and fleet systems, and staff are courteous and professional, making UNBS the preferred mode of transport in the area.

The company is committed to providing the highest level of public transportation service to passengers, including on matters of safety and comfort. It is also helping the national government realize its goal of increasing the use of public transportation.