Nazareth Transport and Tourism

By 1932 the family had purchased its first bus – a turning point that laid the foundations for the development of their business into the fields of transportation, travel and tourism. NTT had evolved into a public bus operator by 1943 serving Nazareth and the Galilee region. Over the years, the company has added international lines to Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. In the early 1970s, NTT moved into tourism, quickly developing a reputation among tourists for the quality of its services and modern bus fleet, as well as the responsiveness of staff.

Today the company operates inter-city routes in the north of Israel, covering Nazareth, Haifa, Karmiel and villages in the Galilee, as well as city routes in Sakhnin and Mgar.

NTT owns a fleet of 240 modern buses, equipped with e-ticketing machines, modern fleet systems, as well as wi-fi and USB chargers. It has a staff of 360.

NTT adheres to the most stringent standards of service provision, as well as the regulations of the Israel Ministry of Transport. In all its activities, the company constantly improves accessibility and quality, while operating modern, comfortable, fast, punctual, courteous and safe public transportation services, as an attractive alternative to driving one’s own car.