Afifi Arabians

Afifi Arabians is owned by the Afifi family, a rejuvenation of the love for the Arabian horse that runs through the family for generations. Afifi Arabians depends on successful and beautiful mares for breeding and showing.

Recently, Afifi Arabians have imported horses from Europe, aiming high to win in competitions and show their beautiful horses all over the globe. After an extensive study of bloodlines and conformation we have decided to finally launch our own breeding program.

Our focus is to breed only a few select mares each year and only to the highest quality stallions. We feel that it is essential to breed individuals that posses a blend of beauty, athleticism and good mind.

The Afifi Arabians vision is to share the passion and love; the knowledge and experience; and the commitment to preserving the legacy of the beautiful Arabian.

We are extremely grateful to those who have and continue to carefully perpetuate this ethereal beauty. We celebrate their achievements and look forward to a future of infinite possibilists.